Winch Guide


After joining the multiplayer session or Free Flight you MUST load the EUSART flight file to make the objects that are possible to winch/hoist appear.

loadfltightIf you do not load this file, you will have no objects to interact with.

The saved EUSART flights are installed when you run the EUSART Service Pack Updater.



Once in your aircraft we recommend you open up the view you are most comfortable with, then set up the Top-Down view and then open the Auto-hover gauge. Use the Top-Down view to position yourself manually above the object you want to winch up and then activate the Auto-Hover function (SHIFT+8). Make sure to approach slowly as the Auto-Hover will not stop you on the spot when you activate it. If you are travelling at more then 10 knots you will drift before you come to a stop. We have used a EH-101 for demonstration purposes in these pictures.


When you have activated the Auto-Hover you should change the Top-Down view to Hook-Cam and open up the Sling Panel (SHIFT+9). Using your mouse, set the sling to 02 which activates the sling beneath the helicopter. You only use sling 01 for lifting stretchers and light loads as it is mounted on the side of the helicopter. Extend your sling cable down to 10/11 Meters and reduce your Auto-Hover altitude to approx 45 Feet. You should hear a click when the load you are trying to pick up locks on.


At this point the load should be securely attached to the sling. Increase your altitude on the Hover Panel to gain some distance from the ground, set it to 100 Feet, then extend the sling cable to around 20 metes The longer the sling, the less the object will sway. At this point you can deactivate the Auto Hover but make sure you are ready to throttle up as you may drop down a bit. When flying make sure you do not reach too high a speed and make sure to remember you have something dangling beneath you. Do wide turns and give yourself time to slow down when you need to stop. To release the object press the “O” (Oscar) key. If you need to pick up another object, remember to press the “O” key again to turn on the hook.

Safe flying!