Training and Examination Centre – ICAO:EBSU

EUSART-TECSt. Hubert Air Force Base is an old military base that EUSART has purchased, modernised and refurbished to serve the purpose of being the major training resource for EUSART.  You will find
the EUSART SATCOM here which is the major connection for all EUSART operations and will cover most of central Europe with radio and satellite communication. The facilities are custom made for the purpose of training and assessing future EUSART pilots. The Training and Examination Centre (TEC) is included in the EUSART concept which is available by using the EUSART Service Pack Updater.

You should study the
Winch Guide
to ensure the moveable
objects are available
during your training.


A top down view of the course can be seen above. Click on the image to view full screen.


The first challenge is to hover taxi.  It may sound easy but we can assure you its not. You should fly at and altitude of 50 feet and not exceed 40 knots.


The hover taxing will take you to the EUSART SATCOM area you will need to do a controlled landing with obstacles surrounding you.


Be careful not to bump into anything. This is very challenging if you come in fast so make sure you have control over your speed and approach nice and slow.


Please be careful. A mistake here could take out the entire SATCOM system for EUSART and lives could be lost (not just your own)!


After you have landed at the EUSART SATCOM helipad you will take off again, and continue to hover taxi towards the end of runway 27.


Once you are there cross the runway (after asking for permission if needed) and set yourself up at low altitude for the slalom course.


When you have reached the slalom course, start from the left side of the first pole turning right into the course.


Make sure you do not climb above the white and orange paint of the poles. We recommend you try to gain some speed as this will make it easier to do the turns.


Once you have reached the end of the slalom course you must slow down and prepare yourself for a so called “Toe In Landing”. This is a rather challenging manoeuvre.


The landing spot is located on the roof beside the tower, be careful not to hit the tower with your rotor as that will be a costly (and deadly) mistake.


After you have touched down, you will continue dropping down to the tarmac but still hovering. You then need to aim for the pole at the end of the airfield to the West and speed up. You need to reach at least 60 Knots before slowing down to turn around the pole.


Fly around the pole and swing to the North.


Now flying North, slow your speed down further to prepare yourself for the next “Toe In Landing”. This is a hard one, especially with the EH-101.


Make sure you come in slow and we recommend you approach it from beneath to better keep control and have reference points to aim at.


Once you have touched down on the roof, you will take off and continue to EBSH, a small private airfield visible in front of you slightly to the left (North West). Make sure you do not gain to much speed on your way over there.


When you have reached the other airport, look for the objects in the pick-up zone.  You will only see these if you have loaded the saved flight (see the Winch Guide).


You will need to pick up a object with your winch. Make sure you know how to best operate the winch and that you have experience with this as it can be quite hard.  See the Winch Guide.


When you have picked up a object you will SLOWLY hover towards the drop zone.


The drop zone is the two circular tarmac areas.


Drop the object you are carrying (not from a height please as it damages the tarmac) and go back to pick up a second object repeating the process. Note that some objects can be too heavy for the helicopter you are flying so choose carefully.


Once you have successfully transported two objects you will make your way back to the airport you started at for the final challenge.


You will land in the parking facility of the EUSART Training and Examination Centre main building. This is a hard challenge because there are several objects which you can bump into.


The course may have taken its toll on you so make sure you pull out the last of your energy to really focus on this last task and make a perfect and smooth landing.

Good Luck!