How We Operate

EUSART are a virtual team of aviators rescuing casualties when a call is received from the public or the emergency services.

These calls are received by the Dispatch Commander and will be published on the website once per week and also via the *NEW* EUSART Pager.

To complete a mission, you have two options.

Option 1:

Teamwork: Members could assemble on the TeamSpeak Server and join the IAD (International Air Distress) 121.50 channel.  From there, members should arrange themselves into teams as required and take to the skies in search of the casualty.  You can do this using a ‘Shared Cockpit’ or as a ‘fleet’ of rescuers in separate aircraft.  Some scenarios are better achieved with teamwork.  Use your discretion when deciding what to do in order to achieve the necessary results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are flying online in a multiplayer session and you are under the control of an ATC, you MUST, in all circumstances follow the ATCs instructions.  Remember that arriving aircraft have priority over anything you might need to achieve.  Do NOT badger an ATC for a swift departure if they have any aircraft inbound.

Option 2:

Go it alone:  This could take longer as two pair of eyes (or more) are better than one pair.  You may find this is more difficult as peering out of the window for a small dot on the horizon while trying to control a helicopter (jellycopter) is no easy task!

Whichever method you choose, the EUSART Pager will notify both you and the Dispatch Commander when you have successfully located and recovered the casualties as well as recording your time in the air.  With this in mind, the EUSART Pager must be turned on and running at all times when on a live mission.  We cannot credit you with completed missions where the EUSART Pager is not switched on!

Promotion through the ranks is based upon the number of missions completed ONLY.

We have produced a video detailing how to use the EUSART Pager below: