Current Mission

Mission ID No.: 15

The Ferris Wheel at the Ostend-Euphoria Theme Park 5nm SSW of the Airport has failed and we have one serious injury. Please land in a safe place to collect them and get them back to the hospital at EBOS.

To successfully complete this mission, you must note the following requirements:

Use the EUSART Pager to record your progress.
Depart from ICAO: EBOS (Ostend).
Land close to the target.
Return to the medical helipad at ICAO: EBOS (Ostend in Belgium).

The EUSART Pager will let you know when you have achieved each requirement.

Mission Statistics

This mission has been completed by 13 pilot(s).
This mission has taken an average of 12 minutes to complete.
This first pilot to complete this mission was EUSART192 (Chris Mo) in 6 minutes